1: Money for Seeds (Audition)
2: Sammy Leaves Sylvia
3: Sylvia Learns Sammy Is Gone
4: Mr Allyson Learns Sammy Gone
5: Goldbergs Arrive
6: Molly Becomes Suspicious
7: Leah Confronts Her Father
8: Sylvia Continues Lying
9: Goldbergs Visit the Store
10: Photo Album Memories
11: Phone Call from Ed
12: Molly Suspicious After Phone Call
13: Molly Discovers the Truth
14: Sammy Is Back
15: Sylvia Pleads with Sammy
16: Sammy Walks with Molly
17: Intrigue Continues
18: Molly Makes a Call
19: Molly Makes a Call
20: Ed Will Tell All
21: Sammy Confesses All To Jake
22: Ed and Leah Refuse to Tell
23: Jake and Molly Know the Truth
24: Sammy Faces Mr. Allison
25: Sammy Faces Sylvia
26: Molly Rosalie Jake Talk
27: Sylvia and Molly Face Each Other
28: Sammy and Sylvia Talk
29: Molly Chastises Mr Allison
30: Leah Comes to Call
31: Molly Upset Waiting
32: Sylvia Crashes Car
33: Family Learns of Crash
34: At the Hospital
35: Worried Thoughts
36: Sammy Expresses Love
37: Molly Talks to Sylvia
38: Arranging Trip Home
39: Family Differs on Sylvia
40: Allison Talks to His Children
41: Doctors Warning
42: Back Home in Lastenberry
43: Sammy Is Despondent
44: Mollys Question
45: Molly's Question
46: Sylvia Is Not Well
47: Sammy Upset with Dr. Carter
48: Dr. Carter Explains
49: Mr. Allison Coming
50: Dr. Carters Father
51: Allison and Dr.Carter Argue
52: Sammy and Sylvia Talk
53: Sylvia Won't Leave
54: Dr. Carter and His Father
55: Sammy Confronts Carter and Sylvia
56: Sammy and Dr. Carter Talk
57: Picnic Plans
58: Sylvia Loves Dr. Carter
59: Sylvia Needs a Father
60: Breakfast with the Goldbergs
61: Sylvias Past
62: Woman in Mr. Allisons Past
63: Esther Miller Is Expected
64: Mr. Allisons Cold Feet
65: Esther Miller Arrives
66: Sylvia Doesn't Tell
67: Esther and Allison Meet
68: Sylvias Tantrum
69: After Dinner Confrontation
70: Molly the Matchmaker
71: Molly Shares Her Plans
72: Mr. Allison and Esther are Leaving
73: Dr. Cater Talks to Sylvia
74: Molly Shares Her Wisdom
75: The Reverend Arrives
76: Leahs Stroke
77: Sylvia Goes Home
78: Mr. Allison Hears About Leah

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