Myrt and MargeAdmin

1 (Pilot) Story Of Two Chorus Dancers

2 Myrt And Marge Plan To Open Theater

3 Jimmy Visits Marge

4 Myrt And Marge

5 Marge Gets A Job

6 Myrt Has Her First Fitting

7 Myrt And Marge Eat At Mama Mias

8 Marge's Brother Jimmy Shows Up

9 Marge Tells Myrt About Her Background

10 Myrt Helps Marge With Make-Up

11 Opening Night

12 The Morning After

13 Marge Talks To Jimmy

14 Farewell Party For Anne

15 Marge Disappears

16 Marge Kidnapped By Houston Gang

17 Jack And Ray Lead Raid On The Red Rooster

18 Rescuing Marge

19 Marge Moves In With Myrt

20 Jimmy Going Home

21 Billie De Vers Raises Questions

22 Tabloid Picture Of Marge

23 Marge Dances In Place Of Marge

24 Ray Says He Loves Marge

25 Myrt Discovers That Ray Is Married

26 Ray Sends Roses To Myrt

27 Myrt And Marge Ignore Ray Play Gin Rummy

28 Ray Injured In Auto Crash

29 Myrt Learns About Mrs Hunt

30 Myrt Asks Jack To Arrange Adoption For Marge

31 Jack Investigates Marges Past

32 It Is Legally Possible For Marge To Be Adopted

33 Myrt Receives A Letter From Mrs. Hunt

34 Mrs Hunt Threatens To Sue Myrt

35 Myrt Meets With Ray

36 Marge Myrt Go Shopping

37 Showdown Between Myrt Billie

38 Ray Leaves For Lake Placid

39 Jimmy Returns

40 Story Of Myrts Baby Girl

41 Minters Arrive To Sign Adoption Papers

42 Myrt Meets Gangster Harry Duffy

43 Ray Returns With His Wife

44 Myrt Dates Harry

45 Jack Kisses Myrt

46 Ray Trys To Make Up

47 Myrt Is Not Interested

48 Myrt Goes Out With Harry

49 Myrt Disappears

50 Myrt Held Captive

51 Harry Found Murdered

52 Myrt Re-appears

53 Myrt Tells Jack What Happened

54 Jimmy Is Frightened

55 Ray Threatens To Fire Myrt Marge

56 Duke Sends A Note

57 Myrt And Marge Summoned To Mr Hayfield's Office

58 Myrt Calls On Duke Sanfield

59 Two Gangsters Question Myrt Marge

60 Myrt And Marge Return To The Theater Late

61 Ray Hunt Fires Myrt

62 Jimmy Tells About His Involvement With The Duffy Murder

63 The Chick Chicks Refuse To Rehearse For Billy De Vere

64 A Visit To The Russian Tea Room

65 Houstons Gang Discovers That Jimmy Is In Albany

66 Jimmy Captured By Gang But Escapes

67 Jimmy's Hiding In The Basement

68 Jack Takes Jimmy To Police Headquarters

69 Jack Sets A Trap For The Gang

70 The Gangs Plans Have Been Foiled

71 Mr Sanfield Tells Myrt He's Leaving For Mexico

72 Many Loose Ends Tied Up

73 Marge Gets Her Big Chance

74 Marge Replaces Vivian In Show

75 Marges Debut As The Butterfly

76 A Man Looks For Agnes Hallon

77 Mr Hunt Asks Myrt About Agnes Hallon

78 Mrs Hunt Comes To Mr Hunts Office

79 Myrt Discovers Ray Hunts Body

80 Cast Crew Questioned

81 Myrt Is Questioned

82 Cast Discusses Crime

83 Captain O'toole Questions Myrt

84 Myrt Questioned About The Hunt Relationship

85 Jack Victor Questions Vivian

86 Clarence Plays Detective

87 Captain O'toole And Jack Re-enact The Crime

88 Jack Questions Mrs. Hunt

89 Capt. O'toole Questions

90 O'toole Accuses Myrt

91 Button On Myrt's Coat In Considered Evidenc, The

92 Marge Admits Cutting And Re-sewing Button

93 Mrs. Hunts Alibi

94 Vivian Gets Alibi From Jimmy

95 Jack Is Taken Off The Case

96 Myrt Arrested For Murder

97 Marge Falls Onstage

98 Myrt Is Found Guilty Of Murder

99 Lawyer Asks To Set Aside Verdict

100 Mr Sanfield Testifies At Court Appearance

101 Loaded Gun Is Taken Away From Mr Sanfield

102 Sanfield Tells How He Killed Ray Hunt

103 Myrt Is Released

104 Jack Throws Cast Party

105 Myrt Given Feature Role

106 Marge's Mother Goes Home

107 Duke Sanfield Tells Myrt He Loves

108 Billie Makes Up With Myrt

109 Saying Goodbyes And Leaving For Chicago

110 On The Road To Chicago

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