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1: (Pilot) Story Of Two Chorus Dancers
2: Myrt And Marge Plan To Open Theater
3: Jimmy Visits Marge
4: Myrt And Marge
5: Marge Gets A Job
6: Myrt Has Her First Fitting
7: Myrt And Marge Eat At Mama Mias
8: Marge's Brother Jimmy Shows Up
9: Marge Tells Myrt About Her Background
10: Myrt Helps Marge With Make-Up
11: Opening Night
12: The Morning After
13: Marge Talks To Jimmy
14: Farewell Party For Anne
15: Marge Disappears
16: Marge Kidnapped By Houston Gang
17: Jack And Ray Lead Raid On The Red Rooster
18: Rescuing Marge
19: Marge Moves In With Myrt
20: Jimmy Going Home
21: Billie De Vers Raises Questions
22: Tabloid Picture Of Marge
23: Marge Dances In Place Of Marge
24: Ray Says He Loves Marge
25: Myrt Discovers That Ray Is Married
26: Ray Sends Roses To Myrt
27: Myrt And Marge Ignore Ray Play Gin Rummy
28: Ray Injured In Auto Crash
29: Myrt Learns About Mrs Hunt
30: Myrt Asks Jack To Arrange Adoption For Marge
31: Jack Investigates Marges Past
32: It Is Legally Possible For Marge To Be Adopted
33: Myrt Receives A Letter From Mrs. Hunt
34: Mrs Hunt Threatens To Sue Myrt
35: Myrt Meets With Ray
36: Marge Myrt Go Shopping
37: Sonny Darnell Proposes To Marge
38: Showdown Between Myrt Billie
39: Ray Leaves For Lake Placid
40: Jimmy Returns
41: Story Of Myrts Baby Girl
42: Minters Arrive To Sign Adoption Papers
43: Myrt Meets Gangster Harry Duffy
44: Ray Returns With His Wife
45: Myrt Dates Harry
46: Jack Kisses Myrt
47: Ray Trys To Make Up
48: Myrt Is Not Interested
49: Myrt Goes Out With Harry
50: Myrt Disappears
51: Myrt Held Captive
52: Harry Found Murdered
53: Myrt Re-appears
54: Myrt Tells Jack What Happened
55: Jimmy Is Frightened
56: Ray Threatens To Fire Myrt Marge
57: Duke Sends A Note
58: Myrt And Marge Summoned To Mr Hayfield's Office
59: Myrt Calls On Duke Sanfield
60: Two Gangsters Question Myrt Marge
61: Myrt And Marge Return To The Theater Late
62: Ray Hunt Fires Myrt
63: Jimmy Tells About His Involvement With The Duffy Murder
64: The Chick Chicks Refuse To Rehearse For Billy De Vere
65: A Visit To The Russian Tea Room
66: Houstons Gang Discovers That Jimmy Is In Albany
67: Jimmy Captured By Gang But Escapes
68: Jimmy's Hiding In The Basement
69: Jack Takes Jimmy To Police Headquarters
70: Jack Sets A Trap For The Gang
71: The Gangs Plans Have Been Foiled
72: Mr Sanfield Tells Myrt He's Leaving For Mexico
73: Many Loose Ends Tied Up
74: Marge Gets Her Big Chance
75: Marge Replaces Vivian In Show
76: Marges Debut As The Butterfly
77: A Man Looks For Agnes Hallon
78: Mr Hunt Asks Myrt About Agnes Hallon
79: Mrs Hunt Comes To Mr Hunts Office
80: Myrt Discovers Ray Hunts Body
81: Cast Crew Questioned
82: Myrt Is Questioned
83: Cast Discusses Crime
84: Captain O'toole Questions Myrt
85: Myrt Questioned About The Hunt Relationship
86: Jack Victor Questions Vivian
87: Clarence Plays Detective
88: Captain O'toole And Jack Re-enact The Crime
89: Jack Questions Mrs. Hunt
90: Capt. O'toole Questions
91: O'toole Accuses Myrt
92: Button On Myrt's Coat In Considered Evidence
93: Marge Admits Cutting And Re-sewing Button
94: Mrs. Hunts Alibi
95: Vivian Gets Alibi From Jimmy
96: Jack Is Taken Off The Case
97: Myrt Arrested For Murder
98: Marge Falls Onstage
99: Myrt Is Found Guilty Of Murder
100: Lawyer Asks To Set Aside Verdict
101: Mr Sanfield Testifies At Court Appearance
102: Loaded Gun Is Taken Away From Mr Sanfield
103: Sanfield Tells How He Killed Ray Hunt
104: Myrt Is Released
105: Jack Throws Cast Party
106: Myrt Given Feature Role
107: Marge's Mother Goes Home
108: Duke Sanfield Tells Myrt He Loves
109: Billie Makes Up With Myrt
110: Saying Goodbyes And Leaving For Chicago
111: On The Road To Chicago

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