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1 22-Caliber Pistol, The

2 Baby's Jacket, The

3 Brass Button

4 Brickbat, The

5 Canvas Bag, The

6 Car Tire, The

7 Center Fire Bullet, The

8 Chain, The

9 Champagne Glass

10 Claw Hammer, The

11 Doctor's Prescription, The

12 Gladstone Bag, The

13 Key, The

14 Kilroy Was Here

15 Lady's Shoe, The

16 Mandolin String

17 Meat Juice

18 Pike, The

19 Postcard Of The Rising Sun

20 Raincoat The

21 Sash Cord, The

22 Scarf, The

23 Service Card, A

24 Silencer, The

25 Small White Boxes, The

26 Spectacles, The

27 Spotted Bedsheet, The

28 Telegram, The

29 Trunk, A

30 Walking Stick, The

31 Wooden Mallet, The

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