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1: Death Blew Out The Match
2: Mr Smith's Hat
3: Fear Came First
4: Dead Man Control
5: Silent Witnesses
6: Sun Is A Witness
7: Gray Mist Murders
8: Topaz Flower
9: Epitath For Lydia
10: Corpse Wore A Wig
11: Murder On Margin
12: Murder Makes A Mummy
13: Murder Rents A Room
14: Death Is A Knockout
15: Hearses Dont Hurry
16: Death Never Doubles
17: Death At 7:10
18: Coney Island Nocturne
19: Death Deals A Diamond
20: Serenade Macabre
21: Self Made Corpse
22: Pitch In Time
23: Gypsy Sings of Death
24: A Deed Indeed
25: Death Swims At Midnight
26: Sometimes A Sucker Wins
27: Fish For Entree
28: No Time For Murder
29: Cowhide
30: Sentence Of Death
31: Cupid Can Be Deadly

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