Dark FantasyAdmin

1: Man Who Came Back
2: Thing From The Sea
3: Demon Tree
4: Men Call Me Mad
5: House Of Bread
6: Resolution 1841
7: Curse Of The Neanderthal
8: Debt From The Past
9: Headless Dead
10: Death Is A Savage Deity
11: Sea Phantom
12: W Is For Werewolf
13: A Delicate Case Of Murder
14: Spawn Of The Sub Human
15: Man With The Scarlet Satchel
16: Superstition Be Hanged
17: Pennsylvania Turnpike
18: Convoy For Atlantis
19: Thing From The Darkness
20: Edge of The Shadow
21: Letter From Yesterday
22: Cup Of Gold
23: Funeral Arrangements Completed (aka Coffin For Two)
24: Dead Hands Reaching
25: Rendezvous With Satan
26: I Am Your Brother

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