Hall of FantasyAdmin

1: Perfect Script
2: Death in the Bayous
3: Judges House
4: Man Sized in Marble
5: Mark of Shame
6: Castle of Lavoca
7: Shadow People
8: Steps That Follow Me
9: Cask of Amontillado
10: Black Figurine of Death
11: Silver Flask
12: Masks of Ashor
13: Night The Fog Came In
14: Return From Death
15: Demon of the Night
16: Out of the Sky
17: Wild Huntsman
18: Idol of Kromm Kroc
19: Specter of Denston Castle
20: Tell Tale Heart
21: Hand of Botar
22: Temple of Huitzilipochle
23: Automaton
24: Golden Bracelet of Amoniris
25: Man From The Second Earth
26: Stone's Revenge
27: Sea Phantom
28: Diamonds of Death
29: Shadow People
30: He Who Follows Me
31: Castle of Lavoca
32: Hangman's Rope

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