Hall of FantasyAdmin

1. The Cask Of Amontillado 

2. Black Figurine of Death
3. Silver Flask, The
4. Masks of Ashor, The
5. Night The Fog Came In
6. Return From Death
7. Demon of the Night
8. Out of the Sky
9. Wild Huntsman, The
10. Idol of Kromm Kroc
11. Specter of Denston Castle, The
12. Tell Tale Heart, The
13. Temple of Huitzilipochle, The
14. Automaton, The
15. Golden Bracelet of Amoniris, The
16. Man From The Second Earth, The
17. Stone's Revenge
18. Diamonds of Death, The
19. Shadow People, The
20. He Who Follows Me
21. Castle Of Lavoca, The
22. Hangman's Rope, The

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