Man Called XAdmin

1. Swindle In Honolulu

2. Silver Scarab, The
3. Italian Art Collection Hijacked
4. Laughing Lady
5. Custom Cigarettes
6. Journey to Zenapon
7. Rendezvous with Death
8. Rhythm of Death
9. Himmler Plates, The
10. Five Ounces of Treason
11. Japan Underground
12. Orient Express
13. University of Lyden
14. Blue Unicorn, The
15. India
16. Treason At White Sands
17. Race Against Death
18. Terror Across The Nation
19. Monte Carlo
20. A Man, A Girl & A Plot
21. Underground Escape
22. Grain Black Market in India
23. Amazon River
24. Vienna
25. Operation Zero
26. Flying Trip To Indonesia
27. Big Lie, The
28. Formula H Stolen
29. Icy Slopes Of The Matterhorn
30. Casablanca
31. Clicking Buddah, The
32. Half Penny Stamp
33. Venezuela Waterway Sabotage
34. North Of The Thirty Eighth

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