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1. Oyster Shucker

2. Insurance Fraud
3. Shipboard Jewel Robbery
4. Pint sized Payroll Bandit
5. Messenger for Murder
6. Hepcat Kills the Canary, A
7. Murder on the Isle
8. Murder Among the Statues
9. Carnival One Way
10. Companion to a Chimp
11. Plot to Murder Santa Claus, The
12. Prize Fighter Setup
13. On the Trail of a Killer
14. Rodeo Murder
15. Museum Murder, The
16. Hauling Nitro
17. Football Fix
18. Catskills Cover Up
19. Too Many Husbands
20. Decoy of Death
21. Doctor's Dilemma, The
22. Incident In A Bar
23. Psychological Murder
24. Rocket Racket
25. Boarding House Double Cross

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