Rocky FortuneAdmin

1: Oyster Shucker
2: Insurance Fraud
3: Shipboard Jewel Robbery
4: Pint sized Payroll Bandit
5: Messenger for Murder
6: Hepcat Kills the Canary
7: Murder on the Isle
8: Murder Among the Statues
9: Carnival One Way
10: Companion to a Chimp
11: Plot to Murder Santa Claus
12: Prize Fighter Setup
13: On the Trail of a Killer
14: Rodeo Murder
15: Museum Murder
16: Hauling Nitro
17: Football Fix
18: Catskills Cover Up
19: Too Many Husbands
20: Decoy of Death
21: Doctor's Dilemma
22: Incident In A Bar
23: Psychological Murder
24: Rocket Racket
25: Boarding House Double Cross

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