Silent MenAdmin

1: Big Sneak
2: Empire Of Pip The Blind
3: Case Of The Rubber Gloves
4: Death In The Mail
5: Transatlantic Push
6: Heroin Source X
7: Roping Of Joe Landis
8: Death And Taxes
9: Pirates 20th Century Brand
10: Bogus GI
11: Souvenirs Of War
12: Visas For Sale
13: Little White Lies
14: Gigantic Hoax
15: Big Kill
16: Blood Money
17: Stolen Arsenal
18: Confess Or Die
19: MurderI In Vienna
20: Trouble At Suez
21: University Fix
22: Torch
23: Food And War
24: Missing Masterpiece
25: Miracle Cure
26: Sabotage
27: Green Sedan

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