Strange Doctor WeirdAdmin

1. The House Where Death Lived

2. Summoning of Chandor
3. Journey Into the Unknown
4. Murder Comes Home
5. Death In The Everglades
6. Man Who Talked With Death, The
7. White Pearls Of Terror, The
8. Stand-In For Death
9. Tiger Cat, The
10. Murder Ship
11. Beauty And The Beast
12. Survival Of The Fittest
13. Man Who Lived Twice, The
14. Dark Wings of Death, The
15. Secret Room, The
16. Knife Of Death, The
17. Murder Will Out
18. Voice of Death, The
19. Two Faces of Death, The
20. Man Who Knew Everything, The
21. He Woke Up Dead
22. Devil's Cavern, The
23. When Killers Meet
24. Dead Man's Paradise
25. Ghost Ship, The
26. Man Who Played Dead, The
27. Picture Of A Killer, A
28. Revenge From The Grave
29. Death In The Everglades

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