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1: House Where Death Lived
2: Summoning of Chandor
3: Journey Into the Unknown
4: Murder Comes Home
5: Death In The Everglades
6: Man Who Talked With Death
7: White Pearls Of Terror
8: Stand-In For Death
9: Tiger Cat
10: Murder Ship
11: Beauty And The Beast
12: Survival Of The Fittest
13: Man Who Lived Twice
14: Dark Wings of Death
15: Secret Room
16: Knife Of Death
17: Murder Will Out
18: Voice of Death
19: Two Faces of Death
20: Man Who Knew Everything
21: He Woke Up Dead
22: Devil's Cavern
23: When Killers Meet
24: Dead Man's Paradise
25: Ghost Ship
26: Man Who Played Dead
27: Picture Of A Killer
28: Revenge From The Grave
29: Death In The Everglades

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