Voyage of the Scarlet QueenAdmin

1. Death Of David Malone (The Audition Show), The

2. Shanghai Secret, The
3. Report of the White Jade Buddha
4. Spaniard & The Laskar Pirates, The
5. Boston Geisha & Chesapeake Bay, The
6. Lily In The Chimolpo Bar, The
7. White Cargo Act & Ah Sin, The
8. Story Of The Eight Historic Periods, The
9. Barefoot Nymph & Mother Hubbard Jacket
10. Jewel Thieves & The Straw-Filled Dummy, The
11. Courtship Of Anna May L'Amour, The
12. Shore leave & The Unhappy Wife
13. Fat Trader & The Sword From Apokaejiam, The
14. Tattooed Beaver & Baby Food for Pare Pare
15. Ah Sin & the Balinese Beaux Arts Ball
16. Grafter's Fort & Black Pearl of Galayla Bay
17. Lonely Sultan of Isabella DeBasillan, The
18. Kang's Treasure & The Ghost of Tangolan Bay
19. Beautiful Girl in the Bargain Basement, The
20. Huntsman's Quarry & The Dead Chinese, The
21. Green Tourist & The Temple Bell, The
22. Wandering Master & The Warlord at Rest, The
23. Red Beard & The Bag of Pearls
24. 15th Llama & The Wise Guy from the East
25. Hattie McCormick & The Patient Stowaway
26. Derelict & The Wandering Boy, The
27. Fang Rubies & The Black Siamese, The
28. Ambitious Hostess on South Bridge Road
29. Bubble Dancer & The Buccaneers, The
30. Pegleg Skipper & The Iberian Blade, The
31. Rocky III & The Dead man's Chest
32. Queen Anne Pistols & Dealer King George Road
33. Winchester Rifle & The Ambitious Groom, The

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