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1. Papua Escape

2. Manchurian Limited
3. Pancho Villa's Treasure
4. Borneo Diamond, The
5. Frozen North
6. Land Of Doomed Souls
7. Land Of Death
8. Land Of Darkness
9. Land Of The Black Hand
10. India The Mystery Land
11. Tattooed Rose, The
12. Norway's Luck
13. Elephant's Graveyard, The
14. Living Shroud, The
15. Treasure Hunt, The
16. Hidden Fango
17. Fire Dog, The
18. Black White Man, The
19. Grain Of Death
20. Hairy Wild Man 20
21. Malay Madness
22. Pale Flame, The
23. Storm On The Sea
24. Fawn, The
25. Kaditcha
26. Muckin' In The Khyber
27. Madonna's Tear, The
28. Dead Men Walk
29. Living Mummy
30. Mad Monk Of Ankor Wat
31. Vengeance
32. Continental Express, The

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