Avalon TimeAdmin

1: Horses And Racing
2: April Fools Day
3: Skelton's Flea Circus - Easter Program
4: Engineers Mistake
5: Party At Red's House
6: Night Watchman In A Bank
7: Napoleon Bonaparte Skelton
8: Purchase of Manhattan
9: Edna's Birthday Party
10: Dinner At A Restaurant
11: At The University - Father's Day Jokes
12: Policeman's Ball
13: Fourth of July Picnic (Curt Massy Joins The Cast)
14: Dan McGrew
15: Headline Holcomb
16: Nagging Wife
17: Dinner With Edna
18: Asking For A Raise
19: Meeting The In-Laws
20: Young Couple On Payday
21: World Series Baseball Game
22: Expectant Father
23: Easter And Spring Cleaning
24: Fights and Golf
25: Fun At The Circus
26: Horse Races
27: Sailing And Ships
28: Sleeping Sickness
29: Swimming
30: Swimming And Bathing Suits

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