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1: Debut Fred Allen and Jimmy Durante
2: Groucho Marx Fanny Brice Ezio Pinza
3: Eddie Cantor Jimmy Durante Bob Hope
4: Fred Allen Ed Whynn Ed Gardner
5: Fred Allen Phil Silvers Margaret Truman
6: Clfiton Webb Jimmy Durante
7: Bob Hope Phil Harris Louis Armstrong
8: Jimmy Durante Ed Wynn Margaret O'Brien
9: Vivian Blaine Jose Ferrer Sam Levine
10: Fred Allen Phil Baker Marlene Deitrich Danny Thomas
11: Jack Carter Jimmy Durante Martha Raye
12: Fred Allen Eddie Cantor
13: Ray Bolger Gary Cooper
14: Fred Allen Robert Cummings
15: Groucho Marx Judy Garland
16: Fred Allen Jack Carson
17: Jack Haley Paul Kelly
18: Fred Allen Herb Shriner Ethel Merman
19: Jimmy Durante jack Pearl Celeste Holm
20: Fred Allen Ella Fitzgerald Ethel Waters
21: Judy Holliday Jimmy Durante Carmen Miranda
22: Groucho Marx Bob Hope Ethel Barrymore
23: Jimmy Durante Milton Berle Ethel Merman Rosemary Clooney
24: Eddie Cantor Martha Raye Olivia De Havilland
25: Fred Allen Judy Holliday Joan Davis
26: Jimmy Durante Milton Berle
27: Fred Allen Groucho Marx George Jessel
28: 2nd Season Premiere In London
29: Fibber & Molly Ethel Merman Peter Lorre

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