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Debut Fred Allen And Jimmy Durante
Groucho Marx Fanny Brice Ezio Pinza
Eddie Cantor Jimmy Durante Bob Hope
Fred Allen Ed Wynn Ed Gardner
Fred Allen Phil Silvers Margaret Truman
Clifton Webb Jimmy Durante
Bob Hope Phil Harris Louis Armstrong
Jimmy Durante Ed Wynn Margaret O'Brien
Vivian Blaine Jose Ferrer Sam Levine
Fred Allen Phil Baker Marlene Dietrich Danny Thomas
Jack Carter Jimmy Durante Martha Raye
Fred Allen Eddie Cantor
Ray Bolger Gary Cooper
Fred Allen Robert Cummings
Groucho Marx Judy Garland
Fred Allen Jack Carson
Jack Haley Paul Kelly
Fred Allen Herb Shriner Ethel Merman
Jimmy Durante Jack Pearl Celeste Holm
Fred Allen Ella Fitzgerald Ethel Waters
Judy Holliday Jimmy Durante Carmen Miranda
Groucho Marx Bob Hope Ethel Barrymore
Jimmy Durante Milton Berle Ethel Merman Rosemary Clooney
Eddie Cantor Martha Raye and Olivia De Havilland
Fred Allen Judy Holliday Joan Davis
Jimmy Durante Milton Berle
Fred Allen Groucho Marx George Jessel
2nd Season Premiere In London
Fibber & Molly Ethel Merman Peter Lorre

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