Breakfast Club with Don McNeillAdmin

1: First Song - Who Knows
2: Britain Declares War On Japan
3: Various Guests
4: College Park, Georgia Skit (second half)
5: Don Arrives Late To Show
6: Guest - Curley Bradley
7: Louisiana Lark
8: Whitfield Day
9: 20th Anniversary (Special Morning Broadcast)
10: Dick Has Strep Throat
11: Guest - Bob Hope
12: Guest - Don McNeill is on Vacation
13: Guest - Emmett Kelly
14: 5000 Reporters in Town
15: First Song - Dream Your Troubles Away
16: First Song - Live Til I Die
17: Guests From Northbrook
18: Gulf Coast
19: Methodist Youth Fellowship Group
20: Temperature is Falling
21: Champion Babysitter
22: Ike Chase
23: Pentwater Michigan High School Girls
24: Born in a Cemetery
25: From The Hotel Sherman
26: High School Senior Classes
27: Peter Donell Substitutes
28: Warren Hull Substitutes

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