Dinah Shore ShowAdmin

Eddie Cantor Guest Star
This Can't Be Love
Somebody Loves Me
Blue Skies
What Do You Think I Am
A Merry American Christmas
Elmer's Tune
Blue Skies 2
Speak Low
Ginny Simms
They Ask About You
Take It Easy
Orson Welles
Herbert Marshall
John Garfield
Kenny Baker (War News)
Phil Harris Guest Star
Charles Laughton
Akim Tamiroff
Groucho Marx Guest Star
Ginny Simms Subs for Dinah Shore
Jim And Marian Jordan
Alan Ladd
Frank Morgan
Joseph Cotton
Cesar Romero & Vera Vague
Jerry Colonna
Jack Carson
Hedda Hopper
Rudy Vallee
Groucho Marx
Groucho Marx (Thanksgiving Program)
Charles Laughton 2
Andy Russell
Peter Lorre
Groucho Marx 2
Richard Green

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