Gene Autry’s Melody RanchAdmin

1: Devil's Saint
2: Uncle Billy Harlow
3: Dr Reardon Is Charged With Murder
4: Caleb Hooten Story
5: Gene Is Held Up
6: Cody Bennett Dams Up Lake
7: John Loves Martha
8: Church In Wilson Valley
9: Champion Saves Gene's Life
10: Young Girl Is Kidnapped
11: Buck Dean Feuding with Kate Hawkins
12: Cattlemen's Money Stolen
13: Christmas Partymore...
14: Clem Harding's Newspaper
15: Con Gene Out of 5000 dollars
16: Convict Looking For A Job
17: Cowhand Johnny Bond
18: Eddie Jarvis Ex-Convict
19: Gene Helps Sheriff Dobbs
20: Girl Cons Johnny Bond
21: Marshall Jackson
22: Mrs. Hayes Builds Boys Ranch
23: Neighbor Killed With Gene's Gun
24: Origin of Champion
25: Outlaws Steal Rodeo Money
26: Pat Captures Rustlers in Camera
27: Pat Plays Detective
28: Plane Crashes Near Ranch
29: Red Medders

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