Judy Canova ShowAdmin

1: First Show
2: Rome Wasn't Built In A Day
3: Date With Mickey Rooney
4: Back From Army Camp
5: Trip To The Hollywood Canteen
6: Picnic
7: Judy and the Saxophone
8: Soda Pop Contest
9: Train Trip East
10: Trading In The Old Car
11: Judy Prepares for a Quiz Show
12: Two Gun Gertie A Play
13: Back from Cactus Junction
14: Crescent City Gold Rush
15: Judy At The Radio
16: Dreams About Marriage
17: Quiet Christmas Party
18: Western Sketch For Amateur Show
19: Mrs Prootwhistle's Party
20: Wishing Well Quiz Show
21: Romance Advice from Radio Call In Show
22: Hollywood Glamour Contest
23: Opera Masquerade
24: American Life Magazine Story On Judy
25: Judy's Screen Test
26: Humphrey Cooper Handsome Actor
27: Is Humphery Cooper Judy's Dream Man
28: Leap Year Proposal To Humphrey Cooper
29: Judy Dejected Over Humphrey Cooper
30: Guest - Eddie Cantor
31: Judy Hasn't Made Progress Romantically
32: Dream Pills
33: Judy Goes To Palm Springs
34: Judy Wants More Publicity
35: New Publicity Manager Masquerade
36: Publicity Man Tries to Create New Judy
37: Famous PR Man Handling Judys Career
38: Judy Gets a Ticket on Sunset Blvd
39: Judy Sees Mrs Pierce About Publicity
40: Judy Wants to Be a Dramatic Actress
41: Judy Reads Scripts
42: Judy Interviews For The Road Show
43: Leaving on a Personal Appearance Tour
44: Fan Magazine Interview

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