Hopalong CassidyAdmin

1 The Dead Man's Hand

2 Rainmaker Of Eagle Nest Mountain, The

3 Coltsville Terror

4 Mystery Of Skull Mountain, The

5 Renegades Of The San Rafael

6 Phantom Bandito, The

7 Murder On The Trail

8 Hoppy Takes A Chance

9 Voice Of The Dead, The

10 Ten Strike Gold

11 Red Rock Mesa, The

12 Empty Saddle, The

13 Failure, The

14 Bandits of Ridge Creek

15 Killers of Sandy Gulch

16 Coyotes Creed

17 Red Death, The

18 Bullets for Ballots

19 Green Valley Payoff

20 Willy Whirl

21 Range War

22 Death Paints a Picture

23 Border of Nowhere

24 Sundown Kid

25 King of Cinnabar

26 Shell Game

27 Gunhawk Convention

28 Hoppy Takes The Bull By The Horns

29 Wastrels Of Juarez, The

30 Right Rope Wrong Neck

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