Roy Rogers ShowAdmin

Sarah Berner - Guest Star

2 Tom Barnes Texas Ranger

3 Legend of Pecos Bill

4 Case of The Mysterious Puppet

5 Mystery Of The Circle E Ranch

6 Horse Thieves Of Paradise Valley

7 Ghost Town Men

8 Plot Against The Bank

9 Wagon Riders

10 Ed Baileys Bad Luck

11 Night Riders

12 Old Prospecting Friends

13 Doug Manson Gang

14 After Counterfeiters

15 Lawmans Badge

16 DeBona Gang

17 Andy Sales

18 Cattle Swindle

19 Owlhoot Trail

20 Wake Of The Storm

21 Rustlers In Paradise valley

22 Jinxed Ranch

23 Camp And Winding Creek

24 Hideaway

25 Professor Douglas Manson

26 On The Lookout For John Kennedy

27 Lee Burlough Gang

28 Herb Selby And Counterfeit Money

29 Salted Desert Property

30 Old Sid Kenyon Rustlers

31 Rene Eigan Case

32 Paradise Valley Sweepstakes

33 Stolen Diamonds In Hollowed Steer Horn

34 Smuggled Pearls Via Frozen Salmon

35 Red Danger And Black Gold

36 Smiggling Arms

37 Fred App Wants To Buy Ranch

38 About Indians

39 Lefty Roberts

40 Wailing Gold Mine

41 Range War

42 Trigger Has Been Stolen

43 New River Rodeo

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